Web Applications
cdmdotnet offeres a wide range of web based applications ranging from database & CRM software through to interactive mobile TXT applications personalised information retrevial systems.

cdmdotnet's web applications add various degrees of functionality to any system so that content is delivered in a dynamic and user friendly fashion.

Our web applications can take on many different forms and so the possibilities are endless. It can be as simple as delivering live content straight from your database(s) to your website or as complex as providing applications that streamline your online business processes.

cdmdotnet has developed its own 'Xenops' system whereby your clients can request helpful or targeted information direct to their mobile phone or mobile device. For more information about mobile applications, see our mobile applications page or click here.

Do you have an event and you're wanting to sell tickets for online? we can help build you an online ticketing engine and soft-ticket systems, removing the manual processing of ticketing.