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Through our in-house development programmes, our partnership with Microsoft Azure and our Chinchilla Software & Strategy AI divisions, we provide scalable solutions to meet your business needs.

Through Chinchilla Software we have developed a powerful platform now means you can make complex business software as easily as a bread maker makes a loaf of bread. Simply add your requirements and let our software do the rest.

Strategy AI brings your strategic plan to your people, allowing your team to see how they directly contribute to your strategic goals. Immediate feedback up the chain empowering you to see how your team is tracking towards your strategic goals.


"Ah, technology – something I don’t think I’ll ever master – but no need to when I have the support and expertise at cdmdotnet. They decipher my lay language of 'what's' its and 'thingeys' that I want changed on my www and have the ability to feedback in a language I understand. I value thier knowledge and advice on websites and how to make my website work for me. There is always a friendly voice at the end of the phone and they provide a timely, professional and reliable service. Thanks cdmdotnet, great having you on my side."

M. Mannes


"cdmdotnet's contributions to our orginization have been quite extensive. When they were brought aboard, our planning process was fairly fragmented and frankly, overly optimistic and idealistic. Upon bringing Grover from cdmdotnet on, he led the switch to an Agile methodology which allowed us to more accurately estimate and deliver upon features with a clearer launch time and scope, benefitting all client/prospect facing teams as well."

T. McKee

Who are we?

cdmdotnet will work with you to create a sound platform to get your message out there. cdmdotnet provides full design and development services to get your website(s) and/or web-application(s) built and working for you.

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